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  • 08 July 2024

5 Tips for Building a High-Performing Health Tech Team

The healthcare industry has experienced substantial changes in recent years. The increased demand for health tech professionals, including allied staff, has led to a labor crisis. Healthcare organizations are finding it more difficult to attract the talent they need, causing concerns about the future. However, there is no doubt that partnering with health tech staffing agencies presents healthcare providers with a valuable opportunity to ensure long-term growth, innovation, and sustainability

Healthcare technology personnel are crucial members of hospitals, clinics, non-clinical settings, and other healthcare facilities. Their roles encompass office operations management, laboratory testing, patient care, and more. Despite the high demand for these skilled healthtech professionals, sourcing, hiring, and retaining them can be a time-consuming process that requires dedication and effort. In this article learn how your healthcare organization can build a highly skilled healthtech team to scale smartly.

Challenges in Hiring Healthtech Staffing

If you are battling to hire the right healthtech talent for your healthcare organisation, know that you are not alone. However, rest assured that there are practical solutions to address these challenges. Hiring these individuals may present a unique set of obstacles, but with the right approach, they can be overcome.

  • Finding Niche Talent: Recent data indicates that 85% of healthcare facilities are currently facing a significant shortage of allied healthcare professionals, specifically therapists and laboratory technologists. This labor shortage has posed challenges in finding specialized talent, leading to delays in replacing or appointing staff within organizations.
  • Hiring talent: Did you know that nearly 50% of all health workers report feeling burned out at work? This figure increases to about 60% for certain allied professionals, including speech therapists, occupational therapists, and organizational workers.
  • Matching full and contract manpower: Balancing full-time and contract workforces can be challenging for healthcare organizations. Many have turned to multiple vendors and contractors to manage their workforces, but this approach can make it difficult to effectively meet the needs of both full-time and contract employees.

Tips for Hiring Healthtech Talent with Staffing Partner

Securing top-notch healthcare IT candidates for open positions in health technology can be challenging. However, by implementing specific steps, you can enhance your recruitment process and pinpoint the most skilled individuals for the job.

Evaluate Candidates’ Skills

The interview process offers an excellent chance to delve deeper into a candidate's qualifications beyond what is listed on their résumé. In healthcare recruitment, it is crucial to evaluate both hard skills, like licensing, clinical abilities, and technical knowledge, as well as soft skills, such as communication, critical thinking, and empathy. Using scenario-based patient outcome questions and role-playing exercises, we can gain valuable insight into how candidates would navigate real-world situations in their field.

Keep Technology and Systems Up to Date

To achieve success in the health IT industry, it is imperative that your technology and methods are up to par. Before assembling an chosen health tech team, it is essential to conduct a thorough audit of your technology and IT systems to ensure they are current. Taking the necessary steps to adjust or upgrades now will not only save time and effort in the future but also position your organization as a top choice for health tech leaders.

Boost Your Employer Branding

This is a great opportunity to enhance your employer branding. The top health technology candidates are likely considering offers from other companies. How can you set your organization apart as a desirable place to work? Whether it's developing groundbreaking technology, software or launching a strategic marketing campaign, now is the time to showcase why your organization is the best choice for top healthtech talent.

Specialized Healthtech Outsourcing

To create a successful healthtech team, it is crucial to strategically decide which resources to keep in-house and which to outsource to specialized personnel. In some situations, it may not be feasible or cost-effective to hire all the necessary skill sets for a healthtech project. However, attempting to handle everything internally can lead to inefficiencies and problems due to a lack of healthcare systems expertise that could easily be filled by outside consultants. Finding the right balance is key to achieving success, and we excel at helping your organizations make better decisions.

Boost Your Employer Brand

Improving your employer brand through proactive outreach is a highly effective method in healthcare recruitment. Actively engaging with potential recruits not only introduces them to your organization but also helps in building a strong talent pipeline. For example, utilizing a CRM system can further enhance the creation and maintenance of these pipelines. Outreach strategies such as sending emails and SMS messages, hosting open homes, participating in healthcare career fairs, and maintaining a strong social media presence can significantly elevate your employer brand. This consistent engagement ensures that your organization remains at the forefront for healthtech professionals seeking their next career opportunity. By increasing brand visibility and effectively communicating with potential applicants, you can successfully attract top talent to your organization.

Why Amtex

When you partner with Amtex for allied healthtech staffing, you can be confident that you will have access to our extensive network of applicants to acquire top local talent for the long term. We go beyond just placing qualified candidates in your organization; we take the time to understand your workforce's specific needs to find specialized talent that can seamlessly transition into full-time employees.

With over 20 years of experience as a Joint Commission-certified healthcare staffing firm, our healthtech talent solution offers your healthcare organization a range of benefits, including:

  • Specialized talent pools: With access to over 3M+ specialized individuals globally, we are confident in our ability to find the perfect allied healthcare IT experts for your healthcare organization.
  • Talent pipelines: We allow you to develop a solid talent pipeline of competent healthcare IT applicants with varied skill sets. With this pipeline in place, you won't have to scramble when it comes time to fill an open position, allowing you to hire the right candidate.
  • Workability: Amtex provides a sustainable solution to your employment and staffing requirements. Our flexible contracts allow you to assess the long-term fit of a professional before committing to a permanent hire.


It is imperative to address these challenging concerns promptly to prevent any long-term issues for your organization. By partnering with a reputable healthtech staffing agency, you can confidently fill key positions with highly skilled individuals. A specialized staffing company can assist in identifying top talent through a thorough vetting process that evaluates both performance and cultural compatibility. Taking proactive steps to resolve workforce difficulties is crucial. A staffing partner can support your organization in acquiring niche healthtech talent to meet immediate needs while also evaluating their potential for permanent employment. By taking these proactive measures, you can ensure that your organization remains strong and well-prepared for the future.

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