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Data Science
Data Science
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Data Science

Data Science expertise our focus has always been to solve the business problems with creativity. Automation of the medical practice in different domains, prediction of the business outcomes.

Predictive modeling & data-driven design for engineering systems to assess, analyze & validate the effectiveness & accuracy of the data using algorithms.

Data Science
When a process is repeatable and its steps can be automated, orchestration can be utilised to improve it and get rid of redundant steps.
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Generate & deploy intelligent insights in near real time data sets and identifying trends and patterns.
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Applying AI to increase & optimize production facilities, handling failures, revenue generations for business.
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Leverage the power of predictive analytics to reduce customer churn.
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Reducing human effort and make day-to-day business operations faster, smarter, and better.
Data Science Process

01 Defining a Problem

We'll specify whether to utilise classification, regression, or clustering to provide a clear picture. When you have a problem that must be handled in your business, you may decide how to approach it and what success looks like.

02 Data Processing

Once we receive the data, it is crucial to maintain it clear, clean, and in the right format for modelling. We should also add any pre-processing to make sure the data is clean and ready for modelling.

03 Data Modelling

One of the most enjoyable and interesting phases of a data science project. The format that this will take will depend on the nature of the issue and how the data was handled. Choose the models that might offer the best answer.


Evaluating the accuracy and dependability of your model's performance on this dataset. The first is how well your model performs regarding the goal you've set, and the second is how reliably your model can achieve—or fail to achieve this goal

05 Deployment

Choose the model's insights to change the way your business operates, whether you use the model to determine whether changes you've made were successful, or whether the model is set up somewhere to continuously receive and assess real-time data.

Data Science Offerings
Customer 360 Degree
Get a holistic view of your customers including behavioral and cognitive insights
Prediction Engine
To increase up sell and cross sell opportunities using personalized product/ service recommendations
Human like Reasoning
To derive logical process of drawing conclusions, making predictions, or constructing approaches toward..
Churn Management
Churn Management
Identify at risk customers and next best action recommendation based on long term benefits using customer lifetime value..
Want to know how to help your enterprises achieve
IT automation orchestration and across your business.
Our Capabilities
We help our clients solve the toughest data challenges, predict demand for products and services to improve customer satisfaction and guide business strategies based on knowledge and foresight.
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ML & Cognitive Algorithm Development
The method by which the AI system conducts its task, generally predicting output values from given input data.
Deep Learning
Deep Learning, Statistical Analysis & Computing
Data - reviews, analyses and reports on big data stored and maintained by an organization.
Expertise in handling Big
Data - reviews, analyses and reports on big data stored and maintained by an organization.
Data Visualizations
Data Visualizations & Presentations
The presentation of data in a graphical format such as a plot, graph, or map to make it easier for decision makers to see and understand trends, outliers, and patterns in data.
Data Mining
Data Mining & Statistical Analysis
Providing the tools necessary for building models to detect patterns and relationships in data, particularly from large databases.
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Data transformation (cloud)
Access the current data maturity, develop architecture & roadmap, and built the data foundation and data products. Finally automate data governance, infuse AI/ML into data
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Search and Content Analytics
Finding what insights are trapped inside your unstructured data and with AI-powered search and analytics solution find the best answer.
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Business Process Outsourcing-value-first outcomes
In a world of dynamic change, business process services can reinvent business performance, delivering sustainable value through intelligent.
Amtex Data Science – Capabilities

IIT Research Park - Amtex has tied up with reputed research institutes & organizations to bolster its Data Science application in its core offerings.

Amtex’s R&D & Data Science Ecosystem.

Dr. Gaurav Raina

Head of Data Science Application, Amtex Health.

Assoc. Professor, IIT Madras
AI & Data Science Expert,
Ph.D., Cambridge University, Srinivasa Ramanujan Fellow

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