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Amtex-Cygnvs expand client footprint: Marquee client addition in APAC

Accelerated cyber recovery capabilities. Superior business resilience.

A leading technology and business services company with a global presence, serving clients in multiple industries across North America, India, Europe, and the Middle East, is partnering with Amtex-CYGNVS-Out of the Band Guided Cyber Response Platform, to strengthen its cyber incident response and restoration. The client believes that the platform’s unique capabilities for better response preparedness and significantly faster cyber recovery is a key business capability, in an age where cyber attacks are inevitable, as also extremely cost intensive.

CYGNVS's platform functions out-of-band, and enables secure communication and collaboration, providing enterprises with a safe and protected environment to orchestrate their incident response. CYGNVS's patented Dynamic Tenancy™ is a crucial component for facilitating effective collaboration among organizations and their network of experts, typically including legal professionals, forensic experts, consultants, and insurers. Further, Cygnvs has a completely serverless architecture, which minimizes potential attack surfaces. CYGNVS adheres to rigorous security standards, being SOC2 Type 2 compliant and ISO27001 certified.

The Cygnvs platform has an extensive array of features; a few key features being extensive tabletop exercise capabilities, as also a play book library that is industry specific, rule based, guided and prescriptive. Tabletop exercises are increasingly used to surface restoration blind spots and vulnerabilities. Pre configured play books enable significant time compression as also enhance the response quality.

Amtex Cygnvs helps client organizations leapfog their cyber response maturity journey, in an innovative, scalable and cost efficient manner” said Sameer, the Chief of Staff at Amtex. He believes that the market response for the product and this customer acquisition will see big tailwinds with the recent customer acquisitions, as also the recent and emergent regulatory developments in this space.

Sameer Kumar

Chief of Staff
Amtex Cygnvs engagement lead said: From the onset, the clients were enamoured with the best in class features and capability sets that Amtex Cygnvs offered, the entire cybersecurity response ecosystem-in a box. A few high impact, cross functional workshops helped demonstrate the platform’s additional value in boosting preparedness, given its extensive tabletop, personalization and scale capabilities. We’re already on a quick implementation pathway for a cross organization onboarding onto the platform, which should get completed by mid December

Pankaj Madhup

Cygnvs Engagement Lead
Key Technical outcome discussion and demo
Guided Response

Guided crisis and incident response workflows and dynamic task management.


Dynamically host response and recovery plans, playbooks and contacts. Train like you fight - simulate exercise on the response platform.


Immediately mobilize and coordinate response teams, operating anytime and anywhere.

Secure Communication

Secure OOB channels to engage third parties directly, while protecting legal privilege. Text, Audio and video calls for discussion for making decisions.

Amtex-CYGNVS ensures internal and external teams are securely connected, confident, and in control during a cyber crisis. All key participants can collaborate on any device to swiftly respond to the crisis and help your business recover quickly, avoiding costly downtime and in full compliance.

Amtex-Cygnvs enable the clients to securely store all their critical documents separately and provides incident partners - including legal, forensics, ransom negotiators, internal IR team, and restoration – to collaborate in dedicated workstreams, which help maintain confidentiality and protect privilege.

Visit to explore how Amtex-CYGNVS can assist your organization in being well-prepared to effectively respond to cyber incidents and comply with the new reporting requirements.
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